In today’s world, there are a number of engineering systems in every building and structure designed for comfortable, safe and reliable operation. BMS is being implemented to ensure optimum operating modes and minimize the risks associated with equipment failure, critical system failure, and human life threatening.


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RCI-Consulting’s portfolio includes a wide range of professional solutions for quality sound and visualization. We are ready to offer you both ready-made solutions and unique projects based on the equipment of the leading world manufacturers.


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To address the issue of complex facility security, you need to integrate all security systems within a single integrated system. This approach will solve the major problem of large objects – the centralized management of the whole complex of security systems.


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Information is one of the most valuable assets of most modern companies. In-house research, top secret technologies, and other corporate know-how determine the prosperity of a business, which means they need the same care as process equipment or inventory. RCI-Consulting offers a complete set of proven tools for creating an effective and reliable information security system at all levels.


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The company’s IT infrastructure includes devices with Internet access, databases, software, corporate mail, application server, storage, infrastructure management interface. All of these elements come together over the internet and work together to effectively accomplish different tasks and create a business environment for the coordinated work of the entire company and each of its divisions.


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RCI-Consulting offers network design, construction, and maintenance services for Cisco, HP, Alcatel-Lucent, Edge-core data transmission networks. A well-designed network is the key to any successful business. The main task when designing a data network for RCI-Consulting is to lay the foundations for scalability, resiliency, high reliability, the ability of the network to withstand maximum load peaks, accessibility, flexibility in management and control, confidentiality of transported data, protection against external and external protection of LAN traffic.


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Despite the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, for many people, television is still one of the main sources of information, entertainment and recreation. In addition, television is one of the sources of earning and attracting customers for cable operators, Internet service providers (IPTV), hotels, sports clubs, restaurants and, of course, TV channels. During 15 years of work, our company has accumulated considerable practical experience in the construction of television systems of varying levels of complexity throughout Ukraine.