Designing is one of the most important stages of engineering infrastructure creation. At a designing stage the necessary nomenclature, quantity of the equipment, resources for the further realization of the project are defined. As result the Customer of the design documentation receives the exact budget necessary for its realization. Besides the availability and coordination of design documentation often is an indispensable condition in order to start work with various engineering systems and complexes. Having qualitatively executed design documentation the Customer has an opportunity to control the budget and terms of works. Documentation allows predicting terms of the beginning of operation and service provision to End-users.

RCI-CONSULTING design department offers a wide range of design services:

  • Designing large hybrid (in the city) and small (for a cottage) cable television systems (analog or digital) with simultaneous access to the Internet, including antenna posts, head end stations, in-house distributive networks, data-processing centers, fiber-optical communication lines, power supplies networks, etc.
  • Designing of local computer networks (LAN) and Ethernet networks for large city areas (WAN).
  • Designing of the land segment of satellite system for television signals / data transmission transfer
  • Designing fiber-optic, wire-line and wireless telecommunication networks.
  • Designing of existing cable and hybrid (HFC) networks modernizations.
  • Designing systems of collective TV signals reception.
  • Mobile communication (CDMA, GSM 900/1800) base transceiver stations (BTS) constructions detailed design.
  • Designing large systems for Video surveillance (in underground, at stadium, on city streets, in public transport, on parking places, etc.) and small systems (a cottage, office, apartment, etc.).
  • Designing of telecommunication networks (installation of telephones, radio, television for office buildings, offices, shopping centers, etc.).
  • Designing of telecommunication systems for hotels.
  • Designing of access control systems.
  • Designing of security alarm systems.
  • Designing of structured cabling systems (SCS).
  • Designing of multimedia systems (scoring, conferencing, etc.).
  • Designing of power supply systems (an electric lighting, local power stations, etc.).
  • Designing of automatic fire alarm systems and notification systems.
  • Designing of automatic or independent systems of a firefighting

We also have solutions for:

  • Designing mutual arrangement of equipment (for example: antennas, cabinets with various purposes electronic equipment, power equipment, boxes, boards, etc.), foundations for small structures of atypical forms conduit, cable slack on the posts and the roofs of houses.
  • Inspection or estimation of existing buildings, engineering networks or other constructions.
  • Inspection or estimation a BTS for mobile communication (CDMA and GSM 900M/1800M)

Designing is carried out according to requirements, norms and rules of Ukraine, with use of special computer programs, corresponding calculations and selection of the equipment which is recommended by leading manufacturers.

Designing is based on licenses of the ministry of regional development and building of Ukraine, inspection state architectural – building control in Kyiv series АВ № 488110, and also licenses of State department of fire safety of the Emergency Measures Ministry of Ukraine series АВ №518567