What is video surveillance?

CCTV, CCTV is a software and hardware complex (camcorders, lenses, monitors, video recorders or video servers, and other equipment) intended for the organization of video control on both local and geographically distributed objects, any -any complexity. Systems adapt to each client, and meet the specifics of the premises and security requirements. They are designed to: counteract robbers, review for security or information, continuous documentation of a particular industry or use to analyze certain events.

Benefits of CCTV

The advantage of surveillance video surveillance systems in comparison with other security systems is their high informativeness (90% of all information about the world around the world receives through the eyes of the body). To check the proper functioning of security device devices, to exclude a false alarm during alarm operation (security, fire, perimeter, antitheft, automobile) can be remotely – with the help of a video system. And more importantly – to prevent the event, revealing a dangerous move on the approaches to the protected area, deciphering the possible threat from the screen video monitor. This is especially true for remote, non-serviceable objects.

Small objects are still using analog systems, which use analog video surveillance cameras and digital recording devices – video recorders (DVRs). Analogue CCTV systems attract customers with low cost, ease of operation and maintenance, but the future is, of course, digital systems.

Digital video surveillance systems built on IP cameras and digital IP-based video servers or video servers have undeniable advantages over analogue ones: high definition and image quality, the ability to transmit video and power to a single cable with the help of PoE (Power Over Ethernet) technology , PTZ camera control function without laying an additional control cable, the ability to build large complexity systems on an unlimited number of video cameras with remotely located video archives and much more.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Person Identification Systems, Vehicle Numbers:

  • recognition of objects (persons, car numbers, items left to endanger potential and other factors)
  • registering violations of order
  • Integration with the databases of photographs, photographic works, license plates for identifying terrorists, criminals, offenders.

The number recognition system allows you to build an integrated system for monitoring the events in the warehouse, keep track of vehicles by number, weight of the car, date and time of arrival and departure, record video archives of information, and create and export various reports of events.

With the help of such a system, the security forces can solve security problems at a qualitatively new level, always react promptly and take the necessary measures.

Retail Video Analytics

Intelligent video surveillance systems offered by our company allow you to get a better idea of ​​the behavior of buyers and find answers to the following questions:

  • What value is the conversion rate,
  • wherever shoppers spend the most time and according to which trading rows they go,
  • What product racks and promotions attract the most customers
  • What is the efficiency of certain trading ranges and end stands,
  • at what time is the largest number of buyers in the store
  • When the longest queues in front of the box are formed
  • How to make a more efficient staffing schedule

Such analysis will help increase merchandising efficiency, improve the planning of sales halls, and organize the work of staff.

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