Home TV Station converts the signals coming from the antenna port and is usually located in the hotel’s server room. In the future, the signals are transmitted to the distribution network of television on hotel TVs to end-users.


One of the advantages of this scheme is the insignificant cost of connecting a new subscriber to the network.

In the event that the hotel already has a structured cable system (SCS) built, it is used as a distribution network of television, and the IP head station is used as the HeadEnd Station.

If there is no SCS in the hotel, a separate distribution network with a high-quality coaxial cable and a digital head station is being used to broadcast signals. Topology of the distribution television network is chosen depending on the number and location of subscriber points.


Hotel television systems are designed for round-the-clock work in a variety of conditions, so one of the main requirements for the choice of equipment is reliability and fault tolerance. As for the supplier of equipment for HeadEnd Stations, the WISI company (Germany) has been the undisputed leader in this field for many years.

At subscriber points, hotel TVs with STB (prefixes, Set-Top-Box) are installed in the case of IP-signals, or with DVB-C receivers (tuners) with a digital TB signal.

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