Dispatcher information display systems


To date, display systems based on screens of collective use (video wall) have become the main attribute in dispatch and situational centers of any size and purpose for 24-hour monitoring and operational analysis of information.

Display systems are also used in shopping malls, conference halls, concert venues and exhibitions for large audiences of people.

Modular video wall design allows you to customize the wall video screen of the desired size based on the task and size of the room, as well as display a huge array of images thanks to high resolution.

The use of a collective screen allows to increase the efficiency and reliability of the entire control system, to react quickly to unusual situations, seeing a local problem with the perception of comprehensive information, which is very important in the control and situational centers for the assessment and analysis of the situation in real time.

In modern wall video, a crotch seam averages a few millimeters, which does not interfere with the perception of the image on the video wall.

IPS panels are used for video wall construction, with a seam of inter-cord from 0,9 mm to 4,9 mm;


Video walls built on the basis of specialized IPS panels with LED light source have relatively compact size, light weight, and depth of construction. Ideal for small rooms.

IPS PANEL DIAGONALS 46″, 47″, 49″, 55″

RCI-Consulting offers video walls based on the solutions of the following manufacturers:

RCI-Consulting is partnering with Samsung, the head manufacturer of video wall displays. Samsung has created an extremely narrow frame for video walls, which makes the display reliable, the picture is clear. The frame has a width of 1.7 mm around the rims, which provides impeccable shade on multiple screens and provides the needs of the user, without being bulky. The Samsung video walls do not shine, because the light is distributed across the screen, preserving the brightness of the image and original colors.

LG is also a partner of our company – the world leader in the production of high-quality displays, TVs and video walls. The LG panels based on IPS matrices have a liquid crystal that can rotate both in the horizontal and vertical planes, which in practice provides the maximum viewing angle without distortion of color. Video wall data supports up to 10 displays as UHD (4K – 3840×2160). Only LG video wallpapers support content, video, and service signals over a single unified LAN interface (Ethernet).



The sources of the image displayed on the video wall can be varied, they can be configured and scaled to the video walls in an arbitrary order. Depending on the configuration of the system, it is possible to store screenshots on the screen for various tasks and situations.

All elements of video wall and software are made taking into account the technical requirements of operation, which do not require constant monitoring of the system.

Modern LED technology used on screens of collective use allows you to extend life and save on power consumption of display systems.

The low noise level of the display system meets the standards for dispatching rooms.

When creating the display systems, special attention is paid to the ergonomics of workplaces regarding the video wall for easy perception of information. This is an important condition for the operator with a high level of responsibility.

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