Videoconferencing in Education—Why It’s a Game Changer
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IP Telephony & VoIP

We offer our services on the construction and implementation of ip-systems of corporate telephone solutions based on solutions from Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent.

IP Telephony (VoIP) is the latest technology for building a communications system on IP packet switched networks, with the exception of the Internet, as well as other IP networks (for example, dedicated digital channels).

IP telephony provides the transmission of voice signals from a computer to a computer, from computer to phone (analogue telephone, digital telephone, IP-phone, mobile phone) and from phone to phone. IP telephony provides the cheapest long-distance and international calls.

The main advantage of VoIP technology for companies is the creation of corporate or office IP telephony systems with low financial costs, but with a large number of VoIP service functions (auto attendant, fax, video calls, etc.). VoIP integrates with DECT devices and popular GoogleVoice, Skype services.

The benefits of IP telephony:

  • Relatively high cost per minute of conversation
  • The organization of free enterprise telephony in companies with distributed structure of branches in the regions and countries.
  • Integration of video calling, messaging, data, corporate address book solutions.
  • Autoconfiguration feature.
  • Organizing conferences
  • Placement Independence
  • Call divert, automatic redial, caller ID.
  • Routing calls to operators based on the minimum cost of calling.
  • integration with popular GoogleVoice, Skype services …
  • Use both hardware ip phones and softwares.
  • Cheaper distance and international calls.
  • Better communication quality than analogue telephone solutions.
  • Integration with DECT devices
  • Much more.

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