Automated parking
with the recognition of numbers

Automated parking equipment provides the visitor with maximum comfort, safety of cars and emphasizes the high level of service of the hotel. The system includes entry and exit counters, barriers, computer-based operator workstations, automatic payment terminals and auxiliary equipment.

The economic effect of the introduction of the system is achieved by increasing the collection of funds, increasing the capacity of vehicles by automating the processes of entry and exit, reducing staff abuse, reducing its number. The automated parking system can be integrated with a video surveillance system and the recognition of car license plates.

License Plate Recognition for Parking

The system of reading license plates at checkpoints is the best solution for organizing the control of vehicle entry to a protected area. RCI Consulting offers high-quality equipment to protect the territory from unauthorized entry of vehicles. The integration of the system at the service parking will allow only employees’ vehicles that have been registered in the enterprise database to be admitted to the territory. Installation of equipment in parking lots of shopping, entertainment and sports centers ensures unimpeded entry for regular customers.

Recognition of car numbers will allow monitoring the presence in the territory of vehicles. As the owner of a paid parking lot, you will be able to receive complete statistical information about its workload. Analysis of this information provides an opportunity to take certain measures to increase the profitability of the business. Control of cars entering and leaving will increase the level of parking security. You will be able to enter into the database all the vehicles that have ever been on the territory and, if necessary, quickly calculate the violators.

The system of reading car numbers is the ability to automate access control at the facility, purchase additional commercial benefits and secure your business. The equipment guarantees the simplicity and convenience of accounting parking visits, significant financial savings, elimination of cases of abuse of authority by staff, increasing customer loyalty. Individual approach and flexibility of decisions allow us to make you only the best offers that will be the key to the success of your business.

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