You have wisely invested in complex engineering systems of your buildings which provide you comfort (television, radio, audio-visual complex), safety (video surveillance, security, fire alarm, access control system), communications (SCS, telephony, a multiport conference), transfer or data storage (LAN, Data Center). These systems help you to earn money, to communicate, have a rest and feel yourself comfortable and safely.

How to provide the maximum return from the enclosed investments? How to provide working capacity of systems when it is necessary? How to prolong service life of these complex and expensive systems?

Do you have a car? How often you spend its maintenance service? What would happen, if oil or faulty spare parts haven’t been replaced in time? In case with car nobody from us doesn’t have any doubts concerning of service necessity.

To guarantee that your system will properly function during long time, it is very important to keep it in a good working condition. The regular schedule of service and repair will give you certainty that your system will work every time when it is necessary.

Therefore, RCI-Consulting has in its structure the engineering systems service department providing technical support of the security, fire alarm systems, video surveillance, access control systems, audio-visual complexes, television, data networks and many others.

Our service department can help you and your business:

  • to reduce operation costs during exploitation period of your system;
  • to minimize expenses from false triggering;
  • to reduce risks from necessity of your business continuity maintenance;
  • to reduce risk that your insurance policy can be nullified.

We offer services for all Customers, not only for those whom we mounted our systems. We can take on service and provide technical support for systems installed by any other company. Any Customer may find and choose the service package in compliance with his personal requirements.

Maintenance service of an engineering infrastructure

Activity of any enterprise can’t be without using telecommunication and safety systems for today. To guarantee your engineering systems trouble-free work, and minimize possible losses from equipment downtime, the regular schedule of service and monitoring can only. The contract reduces probability of non-recognition of insured event (a fire, theft).

Our advantages

Highly skilled experts

We use carefully approach in selection and training of our personnel, therefore you can be assured that you are served by professionals with the experience of work and high qualification. Besides, our technical experts constantly raise their qualification, regularly attending specialized training courses and seminars.

The control system

Even the most qualified employees sometimes cannot provide the best quality of service without control tools. For this purpose we applied special system of the account and control of service work.