You wisely invested in the complex engineering systems of your buildings, which provide you with comfort (television, radio, audio-visual complex), security (video surveillance, security and fire alarm, control and access control), communications (SCS, telephony, conference calls’ Transmission and storage of data (LAN, data center). They help you earn money, communicate, relax and feel confident and safe.

But how to ensure the maximum return on investment, how to ensure system performance at a time when it is needed, and how to extend the life of these complex and expensive systems?

Do you have a car? How often do you go through maintenance? What can happen if the oil or old spare parts were not replaced in time? In the case of a car, neither of us have doubts about the need for its service.

Maintenance of Engineering Infrastructure:

The activity of any enterprise today is closely connected with the use of telecommunication and security systems.

To guarantee the uninterrupted operation of your engineering systems, as well as to minimize possible damage from non-functioning of the equipment, can only have a regular schedule of maintenance and monitoring. A service contract reduces the likelihood of non-recognition of an insured event (fire, theft).

The same is true in engineering systems. To ensure that your system will function and protect you all the time, it is important to keep it in good working order. Regular maintenance and repair schedule will give you the confidence that your system will work every time it is necessary, and the time without functioning in its work will not lead to numerous losses.

For this purpose, our company has created a engineering service subsystem, namely: security and fire alarm, video surveillance, access control and management, audio visual systems, television, data transmission networks, etc.

A service unit of our company can help you and your business:

  • Minimize running costs over your systems life cycle
  • Minimize the cost of false positives
  • Minimize the risks associated with ensuring the continuity of your business.
  • Minimize the risk that your insurance policy may be invalid.

Our benefits:

  • Highly qualified specialists

We are very attentive to the selection and training of staff, so you can be sure that you are serviced by professionals with a great experience and high qualifications. In addition, technical specialists are constantly upgrading their qualifications by regularly attending specialized courses and seminars.

  • Monitoring system

Even the most skilled staff will not be able to provide the proper quality of service without constant control. To do this, we use a special system of accounting and control of the service service.

We offer services not only to the clients, who have all installed them themselves. We can also take on the maintenance and support of engineering systems installed by any other companies. Any Customer will find and choose for itself a package of service services that suits it.