Technology integration for individual solutions

We are integrating and implementing advanced technology solutions from leading manufacturers to our Customers. We adapt these solutions in compliance with your needs and requirements and also provide their compatibility.

Concept acknowledgment

In order not to face surprises in the project implementation stage, we are regularly testing of conceptual solutions and new technologies. Significant investment in new infrastructure should not be doing on hasty basis. Obviously that Customer cannot foresee all possible technical nuances in case of planning to install and use innovative complex solution. That is why we prefer to collect and test solutions in advance in real practice in cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers. On receipt the results of our testing we are able to offer the most reliable solution with the good index of enclosed investments return.


Integration is fundamental value offered by our company to the Customer. We provide integration of various technologies and services, components of solution and if it is necessary, we can develop the special software. Then we check the entire system to ensure all components compatibility and eliminate the found defects.

RCI-Consulting is a certified partner of many of leading suppliers and vendors.


During project implementation we focus on the results and follow the international practice of project management. We carefully plan the project because the experience shows that increase in planning time greatly increases the project effectiveness and reduces the total time of its implementation. The project manager manages the team of dedicated specialists, as well as organizes the implementation of works in compliance with agreed timetable, with specified quality during the project realization period. On the project expiration manager is transfer to the customer all executive project documentation in order to makes further exploitation of the systems easier.

Staff training

Any major changes can have a negative impact on business therefore new technological solutions require staff training. Each user of systems should feel comfortably and confidently with new applications and equipment therefore we prepare detailed maintenance systems instructions to Client’s technical personal and we also carry out introduction technical training for Customer’s staff.


You have no time to understand with all subtleties of new technologies and you don’t want to create additional workplaces in the company for engineering system operation, do you? That is not a problem! Focus on your core business and leave your network maintenance to our experts. Outsourcing allows you to monitor, manage, but does not force you to participate in the process of network maintenance.

RCI-Consulting will take care about engineering systems maintenance, but allow the proprietor-company to retain control and decision making by themself. We take responsibility for the performance and efficiency of engineering infrastructure and offering reasonable prices for our outsourcing services.