Video Wall Controllers

Video Wall Controllers allow you to combine screens into a single work space, and manage and distribute multiple signal sources across the screen.

With the help of a controller, a modular video wall creates a single ultra-high resolution (pixel-to-pixel) desktop that can display various data that comes from both external devices connected to the controller and programs running directly on the controller. In this case, the windows in which the translation from sources is carried out, it is possible to freely scale and position throughout the combined video field – the video wall screen.


Jupiter Canvas

Windows 10 processor supporting massive video walls at the highest resolution on the market.

  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Up to 156 4K inputs
  • Up to 1500+ IP streams
  • Web/VNC/Application support

Jupiter Canvas CRS-5K

For every conference and huddle room

  • Certified for PANA 5K 21:9
  • Designed for small video walls or ancillary displays
  • IP or direct inputs

Jupiter Catalyst V

Replacement for Catalyst 4K and C-Series

  • Designed for small to medium sized configurations
  • Powerful i9 processor
  • Ultra-quiet

Jupiter Catalyst XL

Workhorse and flagship processor

  • Designed for mission critical solutions
  • Massive amount of inputs
  • Xeon processor options with up to 16 cores

Jupiter PixelNet

Easily visualize and control video walls that span multiple rooms, throughout a campus or across a city.

  • 100% redundant AV over IP system
  • Integrated KVM
  • Unlimited video walls and displays
  • Unlimited 4K inputs
  • Unlimited IP Streams
  • Web & VNC support

Jupiter StreamPoint 4K

Easily stream video and audio data from any remote location on an IP network in brilliant 4K.

  • Available as: 4K-2 or 4K-4
  • Stream over IP network
  • Input node supports up to 4 concurrent 4k streams
  • Integrates with all other Jupiter processors

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