Videoconferencing in Education—Why It’s a Game Changer
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Video conferencing

Design, construction and maintenance of video conferencing systems built on equipment from Tandberg, Polycom, Orics.

Video conferencing (HKZ) – an effective modern communication solution designed to organize the collective work of employees of the company has a distributed structure of branches and offices around the world.

Video conferencing does not depend on the location of the conference participants. The solution is based on the technology of the ip data protocol, for the organization of conferences to the remote parties only need access to the humble Internet network and the compliance of the requirement to the bandwidth of the telecommunications company. The main task of VCS systems is to create conditions conducive to timely management decisions.

Key areas of VC systems:

  • Conducting meetings with geographically distant participants.
  • Speaking, negotiating, bringing new information, reading lessons.
  • Support the adoption of operational decisions.
  • Collaborate remote work with documents, files, schemas, images, and video footage, etc.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of managerial and methodological documents
  • Transfer knowledge and expertise
  • Working with enterprise personnel.
  • Conducting an Explanatory Report with Electronic Documents.
  • Much more.

The scope of application is as wide as possible areas of communication in the direct life of any person.

Modern voice technology guarantees the transmission of high-quality audio and video image in 4К format, which allows you to create the effect of presence during the conference.

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