Electrotechnical Laboratory Services

Measuring electrical laboratory RCI-Consulting provides services on electrical measurements of electrical installation and electrical equipment parameters:

  • measurement of insulation resistance of cable lines, power transformers, electrical installations, apparatus, secondary circuits, wiring (range 0 to 10000 MΩ),
  • measurement of the resistance of all types of grounding devices (range 0 to 15000 MΩ),
  • checking the presence and condition of the chain between the grounding equipment and grounding conductors (range from 0.05 to 20 ohms),
  • measurement of the full resistance of the “zero-zero” loop in installations with a voltage of up to 1 kV with a ground-fault neutral (range from 0.1 to 20 ohms, 10 to 1999 A)
  • checking the operation of the security devices (the power of the disconnectors and the protective automatic power off) (range 0.1 to 20 ohms, 10 to 1999 A),

also our company carries out visual inspection of electrical parameters of objects:

  • checking bolted and welded joints
  • Checking the corrosive state of the items.

The results of the measurements and tests carried out are reflected in the technical report with the protocols of electrical measurements, which describes in detail the state of the electrical equipment, the electrical network, its compliance with the applicable standards, and also provides recommendations for problem solving.

Typical technical report on electrical measurements contains:

  • cover sheet with details of address and telephone of the Electro Laboratory,
  • content,
  • Explanatory note
  • a list of used measuring instruments and/or testing equipment with indication of certificates,
  • visual inspection protocol,
  • Measurement protocols and/or tests
  • List of detected defects,
  • Certificate of Attestation of the Electro-laboratory.

Each protocol of electrical measurements and visual inspection is certified by the signature of the head of the electroplating laboratory and the engineers who carried out the measurements, as well as the seal of the electroplating laboratory.

Technical report on electrical measurements is mandatory for objects of non-residential stock (office and industrial premises) and is provided upon request of inspection bodies (Fire department, inspection of Energonaglyad) during scheduled or unscheduled inspections.

RCI-Consulting Laboratory

Attestation at SE “Ukrmetrteststandard”

The measuring laboratory RCI Consulting has all the necessary certificates under the legislation of Ukraine butchers and permits (certificate SE “Ukrmetrteststandart” number PT-196/14 of 10/6/2014y).

Highly-qualified staff of the electroplating laboratory only operate on modern measuring equipment; methodological instructions and regulatory documents specified in the “Rules of technical operation of consumer electronics installations (PTEES-2012)” and “Rules for the installation of electrical installations (PUE-2011)” are used during diagnostics and measurements. .