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We are pleased to inform you that, thanks to the joint and diligent work of our team, RCI-Consulting has increased its status to Golden Partner in Ukraine.

Edge-Core is a professional provider of network solutions, such as switches, offering a full range of equipment for the corporate sector, telecommunication providers, subscriber access to partners around the world. From SOHO, SMB and to the market of data centers, service providers, medium and large enterprises, Edge-Core has scalable, converged network solutions that best fit the needs of customers.

Introduction of IP-telephony in UKREKSIMBANK branch, Zhytomyr

A telephone network was built for UKREXIMBANK.

Task: Implementing IP telephony to communicate with the main bank and other branches, integrating existing Ukrtelecom city numbers into IP PBXs.

At the entrance: 4 city telephone network numbers assigned to different departments of the branch.


– implementation of a new internal numbering plan;

– distribution of urban incoming calls by department;

– connection with the head office’s PBX via a VoIP gateway;

– configured to route outgoing calls to branches in other cities and the head bank;

– the ability to use IVR, waiting queues;

– monitoring the quality of customer service over the phone;

– analysis of the phone call log.

Implementing IP telephony for Sobi Club

A telephone network was built for Sobi Club .

Task: Optimize phone lines and handle incoming phone calls.

At the entrance: 6 numbers of mobile operators and 1 IP-telephony number are distributed to different services of the customer.


For access of regular customers to the old pool of numbers, a GSM gateway was used with subsequent processing on an IP PBX.

Additionally, 2 multi-channel numbers were commissioned.

As a result of the upgrade, the customer received a local telephone network with the following characteristics:

– Serves up to 5 simultaneous incoming calls from customers;

– Waiting queue for incoming calls;

– IVR with the possibility of redirection to the necessary service;

– Ability to control the quality of customer service by phone;

– Using DECT phones and the existing WiFi network to increase coverage within the telephone complex;

– Ability to use mobile IP telephony applications for incoming and outgoing calls;

– Integration into the telephone network of Internet services Viber, WhatsApp.

Cisco has introduced updated wireless solutions for small businesses

Today, Cisco has seriously upgraded its portfolio of wireless solutions, and introduced a new line of wireless access points for external and internal installations that are specially designed for small businesses of all configurations and scales. In addition, the company upgraded the management software, adding a number of new features of the corporate class, while the price remained in the category of small business.
According to industry experts, by 2020, the world will have 26.3 billion network devices, the average connection speed of which will be 24 Mbps. This will increase not only the number of devices, but also the share of mobile applications in the workplace, which will generate more traffic. The task of small and medium business is to use this avalanche of data to increase productivity, search for new forms of interaction with customers and increase operational efficiency.

New wireless access points

The access points of the Cisco Aironet 1815 Access Point series are a corporate-class wireless solution at an attractive price. The Cisco Aironet 1815, designed with a view to future traffic increases, supports the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard and the corporate-class Cisco functional.
The model line includes four models:

  • The 1815i model is the ideal universal solution for any small and medium business.
  • Model 1815t is intended for installation in microfilaments and remote work in any industry;
  • Model 1815w is designed for hotels, dormitories, multi-apartment buildings, etc.
  • The 1815m is equipped with a high power transmitter, it is suitable for enterprises that need a coverage extension when they have a limited budget.

All of these access points have one undeniable advantage: they are ideally suited for organizations that need to take into account growth prospects under budgetary constraints. Thanks to the Cisco Mobility Express solution, installing and managing a wireless network will not be difficult, even in the absence of its own IT staff. The availability of the Cisco corporate class functionality and support for the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 standard makes the 1815 series access points indispensable in an inevitable increase in traffic.


The quarterly growth of the wireless access market is 15-20%, and it clearly indicates that users need the same quality of communication outside the premises they are accustomed to in buildings. Gain from the deployment of an external wireless network will be practically any company in any industry, be it retail, education, manufacturing, hotel business or health care.
The Cisco Aironet 1540 Access Point is an ideal choice for deploying an external network. Elegant design and small dimensions (this is one of the most compact access points) does not prevent the Cisco Aironet 1540 from supporting the corporate-class Cisco functional and the latest 802.11ac Wave 2. The small size should not be misleading – the Cisco Aironet 1540 is quite reliable and resistant to external influences. , to withstand all variability of the environment.
It is also necessary to note the differences of the new external access point from models of the previous generation. Firstly, the data rate has doubled, and secondly, 1540 can act as a virtual WLAN controller. Thus, customers do not need to buy a separate controller for their wireless network.

New WLAN Controller

When a small or medium-sized enterprise grows, its network must grow. As the state grows and the emergence of new customers, additional access points are needed to handle the increased bandwidth load.
Wireless Controller Cisco 3504 Wireless LAN Controller is the perfect device to help these organizations upgrade their growth-enhanced network. Cisco 3504 scales to 150 access points and 3,000 clients, while customers will not have to change the access points already installed in the current infrastructure.

Improved Management Software

Thanks to the Cisco Mobility Express medium and small business, it benefits from reliable solutions and Cisco support at an affordable price. In order to deploy the wireless network in just a few minutes, only the most basic IT skills are enough. At the same time, Mobility Express is not a truncated version of a more expensive product, but a solution to support the features and capabilities of the corporate class without the characteristic of this class price. It will not only give customers the opportunity to use high-speed wireless network, but will provide the owners of the company with extensive analytical information in an intuitive way.

New Features of Cisco Mobility Express

  • Scalability. Implementation of the WLAN controller functionality at the access point with support for up to 100 access points and 2000 clients.
  • Easy to install. Easy installation for 10 minutes without additional operations.
  • Control and visualize applications. Customers receive accurate information about what’s happening online.
  • Functional Apple and Cisco . Customers using Apple devices benefit from Apple Fastlane technology. This feature automatically provides the highest priority and maximum performance for trusted applications on Apple devices.
  • Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Connect solution. User interaction in Guest and presence analytics.

Mounting an antenna complex for "1+1"

“RCI CONSULTING” has completed work on designing, supplying equipment and installing a new antenna port for the Media Holding 1 + 1 . The project was completed within the timeframe set by the customer, starting with the supply of Swedish Microwave (SMW) professional professional converters, for the production and approval of the RD project, completing the disassembly and installation of three-coordinate antennas GLOBAL SKYWARE.