Project details

Services rendered: Integration
Город: Киев

Project description

Project on organization (installation) of working places in the expanded office space of Digital Screens company.
RCI Consulting specialists have created structured cabling system (SCS) and done works on the electrification of future working places.
Project on construction of the second stage of the teleport.
In the framework of the project there were done: development of design documentation, supply of equipment (antenna systems Skyware Global) and installation.
Location of the teleport on the roof of high-rise building and harsh weather conditions greatly complicate the implementation of the project. To lift the metal parts and other equipment it was made a decision to use industrial crane with arm more than 50 m.
New teleport will increases number of satellites, as well as improve the reliability of receiving channels.
Digital Screens company is Ukrainian service provider of interactive digital TV and VOD (video service OLL.TV). Today OLL.TV offers more than 140 Ukrainian and foreign television channels and access to the video library VOD. Digital Screens belongs to the holding «Media Group Ukraine”, which also includes the following channels:
• national channel “Ukraine”
• TV Indigo
• youth channel “UFO TV”
• Football 1
• Football 2
• regional channel “Donbass”
• regional channel “Sigma TV”
• regional channel “34”