Brand salon-shop of the company “MIELE”, Kyiv

The project of the delivery and installation of the multimedia system for the salon-shop of large home appliances of the company “MIELE”, Kyiv. MIELE Company expands the network of stores in Ukraine and simultaneously improves their quality and functionality. So, the new store has an active kitchen area, where visitors can take part in the presentation of new technology on the big screen, and watch the processes in real time and listen to the comments of the lead active kitchen.

Multimedia systems are installed in the salon shop and have main subsystems:

  • Video projection system of the active kitchen area;
  • Sound amplification zone of the active kitchen;
  • Sound amplification system for the background sound of the salon shop’s sales hall.

The video projection system and sound reinforcement of the active kitchen area are intended for presentations and have the following main components:

  • Multimedia projector on the ceiling bracket;
  • Projection screen;
  • System for transmitting signals from basic audio and video signals (HDMI, SVGA, audio) from various types of information sources located on the reception desk to the projector under the ceiling;
  • Speaker system with wall speaker systems and a wall amplifier with a remote control and a built-in mp3 player with a USB interface and an SD card slot, as well as the ability to connect the audio source via Bluetooth;
  • Mixer and radio microphone system with headphone microphone and wired transmitter for guiding of presentation.

The system of background sounding of the trading hall is based on the broadcast type and has in its composition:

  • Network audio player;
  • Power-mixing amplifier with multiple inputs, built-in FM tuner and MP3 player with USB interface and SD card slot, as well as the ability to connect Bluetooth audio source;
  • Cordless wall speaker systems on rotary brackets.

For the construction of multimedia systems, we used equipment of famous brands: OPTOMA, EliteScreen, ATLONA, AKG, KRAMER, ECLER, BERG, BOSCH, ProCab.