Construction of the NMC company VOLIA

Company RCI-Consulting has successfully completed the project on building engineering systems of a single Network Management Center of the largest Ukrainian provider of high-speed Internet and cable television company VOLIA.
The launch of a single Network Management Center (CCC) was the final stage in the formation of a national FIS infrastructure. He was preceded by the construction of a national transport network and the launch of a centralized television HeadEnd Station.
The center provides round-the-clock monitoring of the network and the quality of television broadcasts, providing a rapid response to emergencies.
The implementation of this large-scale project has increased the stability of the provided cable television services and high-speed Internet access.
The network management center is located in the renovated premises of the HeadEnd Station in Kyiv and coordinates the work of 20 regional head stations.
Creating a national infrastructure allows the company to provide cable television and Internet services centrally, unified and with a single controlled quality.
In the project of building a unified network management center, the company RCI-Consulting acted as the general contractor for the technologies.