Kramer VIA Collage is a wireless presentation and collaboration system based on the BYOD concept

Traditionally, tools such as video conferencing (VC), interactive whiteboards, etc. are traditionally used to organize collaborative work between employees or the audience. BYOD’s Global Trend (English Bring Your Own Device – Bring Your Device) dictates the new requirements for the technical capabilities of systems to solve many tasks simultaneously. Own mobile devices are actively used by company employees during meetings, negotiations, workshops, but especially this issue is relevant for conferences, forums, where there is interaction with a large number of participants and it is necessary to promptly accept from each information (questions, comments) and visualize it. to all. Often, there is also the need for full participation in the collaborative work (discussions) of people who are remote.
RCI Consulting, an expert in the field of audio / video solutions, recommends the VIA Collage system. This is Kramer Electronics’s new solution for organizing better collaboration while woRCIng wirelessly with the ability to wirelessly transfer data and presentations to a general screen within the concept of BYOD.
Several participants can simultaneously display images from the displays of their mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) on the general screen, and the leading presentation has the ability to switch to the individual display of your device at any time. The VIA Collage system works with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. To participate in a group discussion, simply use the keyboard and mouse of your device.
VIA Collage is designed for any company or enterprise that uses presentation and collaboration tools such as offices, conference and exhibition halls, etc. Flexibility of connections and settings make it possible to use this system in special purpose facilities – military units and police stations, hospitals and hospitals, dispatching and situational centers.

The main advantages of VIA Collage:

  • Conclusion on the general display to six participants screens at a time (using two main displays – up to 12 participants screens). Users who are connected to VIA Collage can also see a home screen on their computer or tablet, which is very convenient when the work goes to the big room.
  • Users work concurrently with the information displayed on the home screen by referring to it from individual devices.
  • Text messaging between participants, files sent via cloud service, or directly from device to device.
  • Support for up to 255 users at a time. In this case, you can connect to a VIA Collage via a HDMI port video conferencing codec, camera or honey
  • Installing and launching virtually any additional applications (office applications, browsers, messaging, etc.).
  • The VIA Collage solution was presented by Kramer Electronics at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas, USA, and has already won several awards: Sound & amp; Video Contractor 2014 Innovative Products Award Sound & amp; Video Contractor, Best in Show Award from Government Video and AV Technology magazines.