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Services rendered: Integration

Project description

Provided services:

Our company continues to cooperate with one of the major companies in the retail market
Of Ukraine – NOVUS-Ukraine LLC. The project on delivery and installation of multimedia systems for
meeting rooms of the NOVUS-Ukraine office in the Sky Mall Mall in Kyiv.

Project goal:

Development and implementation of multimedia systems for meeting rooms of office space


Video projection systems are installed in two meeting rooms and are intended for conducting
presentations and training sessions.
They have the following main components:
– Multimedia projector on the ceiling bracket;
– Projection screen;
– Switching cable connections with a set of basic interfaces (HDMI, SVGA, audio);

The equipment of well-known brands, as well as the equipment of well-known meeting rooms, was used to construct the multimedia systems of the meeting rooms
namely OPTOMA, EliteScreen, ProCab and more.


After several weeks of operation of video projection systems, we received a positive response from
customer service.
Also during the year, our company provided services for system maintenance
sounding and television of the NOVUS supermarket chains. Work was underway
for the maintenance of sound and satellite TV systems, as well as the repair of equipment in the service center
of our holding company.