Project details

Services rendered: Design Integration

Project description

Project goal: To solve the problem with the quality of TV in the internal network, to upgrade the HS according to modern broadcasting standards.

Solution: Since the customer has already installed a previous generation WISI station, a WISI Tangram based solution has been proposed.

The Tangram Universal High-Density Video Platform is a full-featured, professional modular head unit built in a 1U 19 ” enclosure. A wide range of modules and technical solutions make it possible to receive a signal in DVB-S / S2 / S2X / T / T2 / C / IPTV formats and to generate a signal for known popular broadcasting standards.

Flexible software and remote control of the station allows you to quickly make changes to the configuration of the equipment and maintain the performance of the station at the highest level. Not only will Tangram save your maintenance money, it will also allow you to improve the technical characteristics of your favorite TV channels with minimal cost.

One of the benefits of implementing this solution is also the cost savings of equipment maintenance – the new system allows you to change channel packets / frequencies of reception and broadcast to the network remotely; the system is designed in such a way that no re-switching and physical presence of specialists is necessary

Results: The installed system solved all TV quality issues for end consumers and allowed the customer to partially switch to the new DVB-C broadcast format, in the future this system will allow to switch to IPTV format at no additional cost.