Project details

Services rendered: Design Integration

Project description

Project purpose:

Telephone line optimization and processing of incoming phone calls.


At the entrance: 6 numbers of mobile operators and 1 IP-telephony number distributed to various customer services.

For access of regular customers to the old pool of numbers, a GSM gateway was used with subsequent processing on IP PBX.

2 multi-channel numbers were additionally commissioned.


The telephone network for «Sobi Club» was updated.

The customer received a local telephone network with the following characteristics:

  • Serving up to 5 simultaneous incoming calls from customers;
  • Queue waiting for incoming calls;
  • IVR with the possibility of redirection to the necessary service;
  • Ability to control the quality of customer service by telephone;
  • Using DECT phones and the existing WiFi network to increase coverage on the territory of the telephone complex;
  • The ability to use mobile applications IP-telephony for incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Integration into the telephone network of Internet services Viber, WhatsApp.